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Push Button Ignition Options For Fire Pits


What is Push Button Ignition options?

In one of our previous blogs, we featured the manual ignition system of an outdoor fire pit. Today, we will talk about a more convenient way to light a modern concrete fire pit, using the Push Button Ignition.  So what is push button ignition options?

As the name literally implies, is just a simple, (usually) battery-operated mechanism that is controlled by the push of a button. It is an easier way to turn on or turn off any device, any fire feature, especially an outdoor fire pit. The operation is quite similar to that of a regular push button  BBQ system.

How Does a Battery Operated Push Button Work? First, turn the gas valve key to let the gas flow to the burner. Then, pushing the button causes a spark that ignites the rods, that starts the flame on the burner…How easy is that? You only need to use the tip of your finger to press this little button and eureka! There is fire! Gone are the days of flint and steel! Technology is modern-day wizardry.

Outdoor gas fire pit

Types of Push Button Ignition

There are 2 main types of push button ignition options:

  • Includes a safety pilot/  heat sense: The mechanics of it, to simplify, is that, when the wind blows and the flames get extinguished, the system will try to restart or shut off the flame (depending on the model features). If it does not reignite, the system will automatically shut down the gas line to prevent the gas from continuously flowing, thus, preventing an accidental gas fire or explosion. Usually these burner assemblies have a lower BTU (heat) output, as the components need to all be rated for certain performance.
  • No safety pilot: This just adds the convenience of the spark ignition, so you do not have to find the lighter every time. There is no safety valve mechanism built into this, so it’s usually easy to have as an add-on for virtually any fire pit BTU heat rating.  

NOTE – If your push button ignition system has a safety pilot then you will have hold the button at the start up to a full minute, if you’re operating in cold temperature. This allows the thermopile to heat up to open up the gas valve

Push button ignition for fire pit

Frequently Asked Questions About Push Button Ignition options

How much does a Push Button Start? It is definitely more expensive than the manual ignition system. It usually adds at least $500 to a base price. Having said that though, the feeling of safety or convenience  it provides can’t be overlooked. However, if you are adept in using your manual starter BBQ, then push button is something you may want to think twice before getting. There is a maintenance aspect to this assembly. Also look FAQ for the Dreamcast Design and Production and you can find more information on our YouTube Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Dreamcast Concrete Firepit

What maintenance is involved with a push button start fire pit?​

This system requires maintenance… Most are battery operated so it certainly needs batteries. That is all great and dandy but once the battery dies, it is highly recommended to replace it right away or take the batteries out as soon as possible. Corrosion is a dead battery’s inevitable reaction and its ultimate demise within any metal enclosure. It is also advisable to remove the batteries in the winter or any time that the fire pit will not be often used. Moisture and batteries do not like each other very much… Corrosion happens when they get in touch with each other. If your battery corrodes within the unit you can have a lot more to replace than just the battery.

Contrary to popular belief, pushing the button alone will not automatically light up the fire pit.

When the gas valve is turned on, the gas that flows in the
gas line needs to penetrate the lava/fire beads. Pushing the button causes the rods to ignite thus creating beautiful flames fueled by the gas that escapes from
the lava rocks, et al. This is the reason why it is so important to keep the spark rods free from rocks or other firepit media. You will also need to make sure that the rods stay in position right next to the burner, so that the spark ignites the released gas. 

…And now, how about aesthetics?

Some may get turned off by the sight of the spark rods as they prominently protrude on top of the burner. Again, the reason being is to give it the ability to ignite the gas that escapes from the lava rocks.

Push Button Ignition Options

Get Advice For Your Set-Up​

At the end of the day, you will favour the ignition system that would work best for you. If you are having those moments of indecision and need some professional advice on what to get, call the team at DreamCast. We are always here to help. Visit our website to see more of our concrete product collections.

If you’re still need more information, you can contact our sales team or just call us – 1-604-330-4078

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